what we do...



...We are passionate about cultivating social dialogue and empowering community.

We encourage awareness of local social issues, using theatre in an educational, therapeutic and participatory content.

Our philosophy is that theatre should be accessible to all...

Public Act primarily offers theatre workshops to the community. Our workshops aim to educate, empower and include.

We believe that theatre is a powerful social tool that can cultivate a more connected community.

We believe that we can work together with other like minded companies, community partners and organisations to strengthen the fabric of our industry in turn supporting the communities we live in.

We aim to reach out offering the support we can and seeking collaboration.

We love theatre.

We care about people.

We have an incredible tool at our disposal and therefore we have a responsibility to use it.

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Theatre — or theatricality — is the capacity, this human property which allows man to observe himself in action, in activity.
— Augusto Boal (Theatre of the Oppressed).