the public act team 

Public Act Theatre was established in 2015 with support from the Byron Bay Community Centre. Founder Jo Franklin recognised an opportunity to engage the community in applied theatre.

Collaborating with two well known local theatre practitioners Frauke Huhn (Cicade) and Philippa Williams (Theatre of Life), Public Act went into development. 

In 2017, we welcomed two more member to the team, designer & photographer Vanessa Kellas (The Curious Card Co.), and business systems wiz, Adrienne Megan Lester (Bangalow Theatre Company).

We are dedicated to cultivating community empowerment and social dialogue through theatre making and collaboration. Public Act operates within a social arts model to promote social equality, deepen social connection, and to share in the process of creating change within a community.

We believe that through the practices of applied theatre and social arts, together with local community service partners we can provide pathways for a more connected community.

We believe in Theatre For All. 

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It is forbidden to walk on the grass. It is not forbidden to fly over the grass.
Augusto Boal
— Augusto Boal (Theatre of the Opressed)